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On Datacenters and submersive cooling-rethinking an old concept?

1 May

Now that mainstream web media (in the form of ZDNet, as posted 30April2012 in the story here:

have recognized the burgeoning market share enjoyed by such companies as GRCooling ( ) with their innovative server-cooling technologies, can a revolution in Hollywood’s depictions be far behind?  Such depictions have traditionally followed the model so emphatically established in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, embellished in the sequel “2010”, or have embraced the “power-core” model begun in 1977′ original “Star Wars” (remember the computer core in “I, Robot”?), and we all know how loathe Hollywood is to “mess with” a “proven” concept or portrayal; nevertheless, the story ideas replete in the representation of huge containers of cooling fluids soothing banks and banks of server arrays will surely not long escape some screenwriter’s notice…